Beginning of 2016-2017 Season

Eskamas, its management team and production group, is pleased to present its new corporate image and make available to its customers, a renewed and updated online store.

A new and different image, associated with an a creative activity more and more focused on the design, manufacture, production and marketing of a wider range of productos and accessories for the sport and especially the practice of rhythmic gymnastics.

We have chosen a stylish, modern and fun new brand, which represents on a minimalistic way 2 gymnasts who build the capital E of our brand name reflected in a mirror image and it replaces the fin fish which was our identity for several years.

There is nothing more fair than devote our image to the hundreds and thousands of athletes which are the core of our activity, and recognize their effort and dedication. Nothing more suitable to our actual effort and our business activity. In the same way, we take the opportunity to lunch and offer a renewed online store that is known for being more dynamic and entertaining, with an adaptative design to every kind of devices and where you can buy in a easy and safe way, find information of our shop and access new products and categories.

We are very excited to show it to you and introduce the new season 2016-2017. We hope that it could satisfy the expectations of all those who are part of the world of gymnastics and sports.