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Eskamas puts at your disposal equipment for rhythmic gymnastics training and competition, we focus on the national brand Amaya because we are convinced that it can offer high quality products and resistance at a moderate price. Amaya national brand of rhythmic gymnastics apparatus is positioned at national and international levels among the best known brands.

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    Gymnastics hoop HR (High Resilience) Competition.Made of elastic polyethylene. New union antifracture safety system!

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    Rhythmic gymnastics ball for training and competition. Handcrafted in rubber technology material, coated wirh a non-slip varnish layer. Weight: 400-410 g - Diameter: 180-200 mm - inflatable valve. Available in solid and pearlescent colors.Its features include: Good grip, soft and easy to handle, non-slip grip, boat with no vibration, good resilience and...

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  • Competition and training ribbons Made of special silk anti-wrinkle, it includes rod. Very light, available in various colors and sizes.

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  • Socketed maces for competition and training. Made of techno-rubber, this material provides very superior characteristics from the normal rubber, providing the final product a greater elasticity and abrasion resistance. Available in many colors and sizes.

    26,01 €
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    3mt Competition Ropes. Fabric made of bright high tenacity yarn, double stranded tandem. Available in various colors. Thickness of 9.50 mm and weight of 172 g.

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  • Rod with non-slip handle.

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