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The Eskamas clothing mill has been manufacturing leotards for rhythmic gymnastics for more than a decade.

Our journey in this line of clothing launch to answer the needs of a group of gymnasts and coaches in the province of Cádiz.

Thanks to the experience gained on the work with stretch fabrics and creativity and initiative, our first maillots achieve recognition and acceptance for their extraordinary made patterns, style and designs.

Soon, our effort has been rewarded with the extension of the offer of our maillots to the most prestigious and recognized national and international gymnastic clubs, including products from the basic range to the top competition.

Our incursion on the thrilling world of gymnastic, lead us to diversify our production and adapt it to the new tendencies and needs of the athletes and their families.

At this time in our workshop, we work with the illusion to respond to new challenges, keep growing and offer our customers infinite possibilites in the field of clothing.

In order to achieve it we have and excellent team who puts all his effort and commitment on the whole process.

Our priority is to get the most quality of our clothes and keep a close and authentic relationship with our customers.


Eskamas clothing mill has expanded the maillots confection line to another sport styles as: acrobatic gymnastics, figure skating, synchronized swimming, dance and also it has added new products which complements sport activity (workout clothes, rhythmic gymnastic toe shoes, accesories, etc.)

Our team reaffirm our gratitude to all the clubs, coaches and athletes for the confidence and trust in our products.

If you are interested on getting a clothe from our clothing mill this is the process:

First of all we need to know if you have your own design or an sketch of any design in which you are interested in. If it is not the case we can advise you and send designs from our catalogue so you can find the design which suits better to your preferences.

You can choose between different types of confection:

Confection witouth sconces, normally basic maillots for schools.

Confection with sconces on lycra. They are more suitable for competitions.

Confection using digital impresion. It could be made with  lycra tissue printed or with cuts in order to insert chiffons and laces.

Confection using any of the previous options and decorated with glass and paint.

The next step is to create the budget using the selected design and specify the materials: you can choose solid colored tights, fantasy tights, gauzes, laces and velvets.

Once the design is approved it arrives the process of taking measurements. If it is an individual maillot, we will send you a file with the explanation about how to take measures and a video if the customer needs it.


If it is for a set of clothing we will send a test sizing so the process be faster and more effective (we support the costs of outgoing shipment  and the customer supports the shipment return).

To start with the cut and confection of the clothes, the customer must to send a first payment with 50% of the clothe cost.

Whe it will be finished we will put in contact with you again to get the shipping information and to proceed with the second payment.

It's very important to book a month before because our clothing mill works in a continuous process along the year. You can call us and check the available dates for manufacturing the clothes.

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